Hi there!

My name is Fernando Berríos; I’m a software & web developer from Puerto Rico (currently living in Dallas, TX). This website serves as my homepage/online portfolio. Here you will find my resume, examples of previous works, design and code philosophy, etc. I’m available for freelance work and offer competitive prices, check out the contact section for more info.

Me: since using my very first computer I was curious as to how they worked. As I started using them more and more, the curiosity grew bigger; this led me to experiment with programming. I spent most of my high school years in front of a computer, I played around with Visual Basic 6 and taught myself the basics of HTML, it was fun. of course, I tried other computer related stuff like graphic design, video, and music editing, but I always came back to programming. I went to college and got a degree in business and information technology. Even though I was used to writing regular software for all my classes, I fell naturally into web development. I like the fact that web applications are increasingly more powerful, dynamic and cross-platform. I like developing standard compliant sites and applications, but I understand that sometimes compromises must be made for the product to be truly cross-platform.

My hobbies include: reading books & comics, listening to music, playing video games, computer programming, digital photography, watching movies & anime.

This site: as you can see from the design of this site, I prefer a minimalist style of web design. Aside from the excellent jQuery library and two plugins (address & easing) all the XHTML, Javascript, CSS & artwork were done by me. I implemented some subtle animations (the moving clouds in the background) and some flashier ones (the bouncing) thanks to the easing plugin, also because I’m using the address plugin API, the animations don’t get in the way of site navigation. back and forward buttons work as expected, and each section is deep-linkable.