How to Add Videos To iPhone/iPad Using iTunes

How to Add Videos To iPhone/iPad Using iTunes

Adding lots of videos and music on to your precious iPhone can facilitate you by providing unlimited entertainment when you need them. Successful transfer of the various videos through iTunes can turn out to be a tough job unless appropriate guidance is taken.

Adding Videos to your library:

Download iTunes – iTunes is free and can be obtained from the website of Apple. Without iTunes, it is not possible to transfer files to iPhones from media. If the PC you are using is very old then first be sure that it can meet up with your requirements. You can also find other programs that can help you transfer the files to your iPhone without using iTunes like iFunBox. Make sure to go through the manual before using iTunes and update your knowledge on how you can use iTunes.

Add videos to the iTunes library

For transferring the videos to iPhone you have to import the files to iTunes.

Connect your computer with your iPhone – With the help of USB cable connectors that you acquire along with the iPhone you can connect your PC. iTunes must recognize the connector, and it will be projected on the gadget’s iTunes’ section. If iTunes fail to recognize then, you will have to restore the program.

Set the sync preferences – After the connection is made, your iPhone must be on the list of the section Devices. By clicking on it, the Summary Window can be opened. To see the general settings of sync you need to scroll at the end. These settings are applicable for both videos and music.

Adding And Saving Videos To iPhone:

You have to convert the videos to a format that is supported by the iPhone. The videos that you acquire via iTunes store gets automatically transferred to the suitable format of the iPhone. All the videos need to be of 30 frames/sec. The file formats supported by the iPhone are .mp4, .mov, .m4v and .3pg.

Setting videos for sync – After selecting the “Devices” in the menu bar section of the iPhone you can find that the video has two libraries has two separate sections – TV shows and Movies. In these sections, you will find “Sync TV shows” and “Sync Movies” respectively. Here you can choose the sync options for TV shows and Movies that you have not watched yet or for selecting some particular movie or the complete library.

Completion of sync – After making choices as per you wish you have to start the program sync by clicking the Apply key. The time consumed for this will depend upon and vary according to the number of videos being transferred. The progress can be checked in the display shown on iTunes.

Disconnecting the iPhone – After the sync program is completed, you will have to select the iPhone and then the eject key consecutively. You can disconnect your iPhone from the PC after ejection process gets over.

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