Advantages & Disadvantages of Retina Display on iPad

Advantages & Disadvantages of Retina Display on iPad

The Apple iPad functioning through retina display is the latest invention that has attracted a huge attention of the keen users ready to upgrade their tablets with the newest technology. It is important to do a thorough research before purchasing the popular gadget. A large variety of tablets is available at present as people opt for using them both for educative and entertainment purposes. The fact that they are portable has added to their interest.

The general synopsis of the advantages and disadvantages of the iPad by retina display are as follows:


The tablet is upgraded with a high-tech A6X dual-core processor that permits the gadget to function very swiftly, specially during opening any application. The 264 ppi resolution and the 9.7-inch backlit display in LED is very remarkable. The oleophobic covering over the screen protects it from fingerprints. The iSight camera of the iPad is capable of taking 5 MP photographs whereas the FaceTime camera can take 1.2 MP photographs. The quality of video taken is astonishing. Particularly the FaceTime on this gadget is of superior quality.

The connectivity of the gadget is excellent. The construction is very strong and is capable of withstanding a good quantity of uneven use. The life of the battery is tremendous and can function for as long as 9-10 hours considering whether accessibility of the net is done through mobile data system or Wi-Fi.

Disadvantages :

In spite of being very extraordinary, the device has a few disadvantages. Users have regarding the quality of up gradation to iPad3. The screen remains the same as the previous kind of the same gadget. The buyers are disappointed as they expected to get a much lighter device. It is very expensive compared to other such tablets obtainable in the market.

Though the reviewers mostly agree that the large number of advantages available from the iPad overshadows its disadvantages, it is always recommended that a detailed scrutiny is done by you before buying the device. It must be bought from a reliable vendor for the most reasonable price.
The disadvantages of the iPad functioning using retina display are outweighed by the numerous advantages obtained from it.

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