this demo uses the newest version of the Google Maps API and some jQuery to easily and dynamically create an interactive map of various points of interest (in this case of my country, Puerto Rico). it uses a simple JSON file as it’s data source. when it’s finished loading, click an item on the list or a marker on the map to see more info about each location.


here you will find samples of previous work, tools and demos:

  • front-end (XHTML, CSS, Javascript) and back-end (ASP.NET 2.0) programming for Toyota PR. worked on most of the jQuery code, animations and lightboxes throughout the site, and also the Google Maps integration in the dealer area.
  • wordpress theme styling and modifications to Michelle Kaufmann’s blog
  • front-end (XHMTL, CSS, jQuery animations) and back-end (ASP.NET 2.0) programming for a site that generates a wallpaper with the users New Year’s resolution. featured in
  • jQuery gravity simulation with drag and drop
  • HTML 5 offline storage demo (Firefox 3.0+ required)
  • small jQuery + Google Maps API v3 demo
  • a Google Static Maps generator built with jQuery and Google Static Maps API v2
  • PSD to XHTML+CSS conversion samples: 1,¬†2
  • a modified version of for the iPhone OS platform, powered by the iWebkit framework: SuperGenPass iPhone
  • simple Applescript that takes a picture from an available iSight Camera and uploads to TwitPic
  • back-end programming in PHP for an interactive x-mas card. sends an email to a friend with a customized message and links to a video you select. client is the biggest local newspaper in the island.
  • Mobile-version¬†. developed with the ASP.NET MVC framework. detects iPhone, BlackBerry and other popular mobile browsers.

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